What to expect from Kelly Murray

Golf Entertainment
I am available to make your events memorable. After living and breathing golf for over 34 years, I have a large repetoire of trick shots, long driving skills which will amaze you, and am experienced in engaging event participants.

Long Drives
After a lifetime of playing golf and studying the swing of Moe Norman, I have the ability to consistently drive the ball 300-350 yards with a swing. I discuss my driving techniques and provide long drive exhibitions. The power in my drives comes from my wrists. I will amaze your participants through various demonstrations including 300 yard drives from my knees.

Trick Shots
Having fun playing golf isn’t just about the long ball. I’ve played around with a golf club enough to have a full set of golf tricks up my sleeve. From driving chest-high balls to hitting balls straight up, I will have your crowd captivated as I perform golf feat after golf feat.

My day isn’t done after performing for your event attendees. I can serve as a master of ceremonies for your post-event banquet. And during the event, I drive around the golf course in a golf cart interacting with your golfers. I offer myself as a mulligan cart, taking shots for people who find themselves in difficult positions on the course. I have found that event participants are excited and intrigued to hear my stories about my life as a golf professional.

Trick Shot Sampler
The best way to know what I do is to watch a video of me doing it. Here’s a commercial which I was in, advertising King’s Links by the Sea, a golf course in Vancouver. In it, I perform four of my many trick shots. Enjoy!