"Truly one of golf's nicest guys"

"Kelly Murray is a powerful and exciting golf entertainer. If you want to watch a Moe Norman disciple, then Kelly is your ticket. He hits the ball as far and as straight as anyone I have ever seen, and has lots of stories about the inimitable Moe. In addition to his golf talents, Kelly is truly one of golf’s nice guys."

Michael Ahrnsbrak. Former president of the Middle Atlantic Section, PGA.

What I offer

Long Drives

After a lifetime of playing golf and studying the swing of Moe Norman, I have the ability to consistently drive the ball 300-350 yards with a swing. I discuss my driving techniques and provide long drive exhibitions. The power in my drives comes from my wrists. I will amaze your participants through various demonstrations including 300 yard drives from my knees.

Trick Shots

Having fun playing golf isn't just about the long ball. I've played around with a golf club enough to have a full set of golf tricks up my sleeve. From driving chest-high balls to hitting balls straight up, I will have your crowd captivated as I perform golf feat after golf feat.


My day isn't done after performing for your event attendees. I can serve as a master of ceremonies for your post-event banquet. And during the event, I drive around the golf course in a golf cart interacting with your golfers. I offer myself as a mulligan cart, taking shots for people who find themselves in difficult positions on the course. I have found that event participants are excited and intrigued to hear my stories about my life as a golf professional.

Trick Shot Sampler

The best way to know what I do is to watch a video of me doing it. Here's a commercial which I was in, advertising King's Links by the Sea, a golf course in Vancouver. In it, I perform four of my many trick shots. Enjoy!

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